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Progress Breakdown (640x158)

Pupil Premium expenditure for 2018 – 2019 – total amount allocated for the year: £16,820

During this academic year, there were a total of 12 pupils in receipt of pupil premium or pupil premium + funding across the school

The list below shows the planned expenditure of income for PP and PP+ pupils 

Planned actions for 2018 - 2019

Resource expenditure on PP cohort

Desired outcomes for PP cohort

1:1 tuition/small group support for maths and literacy

1:1 support mainly delivered through interventions led by teaching assistants

This has proved to be an effective way to raise attainment


Employing a “Numbers Count” teacher for maths interventions

Teacher employed for 3.5 days per week

This has proved to be an effective way to raise attainment

Employ trained Play Therapist

Cost of hire of Memorial Hall for a safe space to hold play therapy sessions

it is anticipated that 12 children will benefit from Play Therapy, with PP children given priority access to this support


Pay subscription to Weald Hub support

£500 per year to access counselling via Fegan’s and parent support groups

access mental health and parenting support from the Weald Hub.


Employing a part time Family Liaison Office

10 hours per week

to enable support for any PP families who are struggling and help them access appropriate support


Piano lessons for pupils as enrichment

30 minutes x 2 per week


Subsidising breakfast club for PP pupils

Enable PP pupils to be in school on time each morning, having had breakfast

Parents can work


Employ specialist dyslexia teacher every week 1:1 tuition for a PP child diagnosed with dyslexia


1 hour x per week for 35 weeks per year

This has proved to be an effective way to raise attainment


Subsidising school trips for PP pupils for 50% of total cost

Parents only have to finance 50% of school trip costs

Enables all pupils to access off site visits and Y6 residential.


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