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Potential barriers to learning for disadvantaged children at Benenden  CE School


The following barriers to learning have been identified by staff and senior leaders. Many of these apply to our disadvantaged pupils.


  • Little or no pre-school experience
  • Poor speech and language skills
  • Poor literacy skills
  • Poor maths skills
  • Social and emotional problems
  • Lack of parental engagement to support learning
  • Low parental expectations


The school works hard to address these barriers through running appropriate social skills groups such as Ginger Bear, employing a SALT where needed, supplying 1:1 tuition for those children who need targeted support, and employing a part time Family Liaison Officer to work closely with disadvantaged families.


Benenden CE Primary School Pupil Premium, current academic year 2016 - 2017

Our pupil premium and pupil premium plus allocation for the current year is: £26,240.

At Benenden, we aim to meet the individual needs of our children in receipt of pupil premium, to enable their best outcomes. Consequently, our expenditure covers a broad range of activities.

Actions planned for this academic year

Resource expenditure on Pupil Premium cohort

Desired outcomes for Pupil Premium Cohort

Employ a trained teacher to deliver 1:1 tuition in English and Maths to identified children

Three days per week, trained teacher in Maths and English intervention programmes, who works mainly with PP children.

Expected or better than expected progress made by all pupils.

To narrow the gap between attainment in reading and writing for identified pupils.

1:1 support for Year 6 PP pupils in reading, writing and maths vulnerable to not reaching expected level for secondary readiness.

All pupils targeted reach expected level for secondary readiness.

Offer enrichment activities to pupils whose academic attainment is strong.

Peripatetic music lessons funded for three pupils.

Pupils have developed their skills in music and have opportunities to perform in school.

To identify gifted and talented pupils and offer enrichment days in English and Maths where appropriate

Maths and writing enrichment days at local schools.

All pupils who attended have made at least expected progress.

Employ a speech therapist for one child

10 sessions of 1:1 speech therapy to include training of teaching assistant who can consolidate this in class.

Child develops age appropriate levels in speech and language.

The date of the next pupil premium review will be February 2017

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