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Progress @ 3rd May 2019

What has happened this week?

The doors and windows are now in place. The scaffolding has now gone up in the hall. The beams are now in place on the roof of the hall. In addition, the walls between the classrooms (which are made of Breeze blocks) are visible and you can now judge the sizes of the classrooms. If you look into a classroom, you can see where the courtyard will be. We are slightly concerned that the playground and the horseshoe don’t look very big. However, Chris said that they will look bigger when it is finished.

3rd May 1 (571x428)3rd May 2 (618x463)3rd May 3 (571x381)3rd May 4 (537x403)3rd May 5 (557x417)3rd May 6 (590x442)
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