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Autumn Term 2 Oak Class newsletter

Welcome back! I hope you all had an enjoyable week off. We have a long term ahead of us with a very exciting end.

English- This term’s spelling patterns are:

Week 1 – Homophones such as piece and peace, heard and herd.

2- words beginning gu e.g. guitar, guard

3- silent letters

e.g. island, knowledge, doubt

4 – Double letters

e.g. address, appear, arrive, difficult

5 – ei – weight, eight, sleigh, reign

6 –  Suffixes ed, ing

At home it would be good if you could spend a little time discussing these words and the spelling patterns with your child. Any extra words from the ones I give them in school really help to improve their vocabulary and understanding of spelling.

GPS – continue with speech punctuation, pronouns, fronted adverbials, modal verbs, reported speech.

We will have a Big Write every fortnight. We will write Haiku, use simile and metaphor to create greater description, write a balanced argument and develop our story planning and ideas.

In Maths we continue with times tables so any extra help from home with this would be great. We will look at addition and subtraction written methods and knowing when to choose the correct method. We will be estimating and approximating our answers and using inverse operations to check our work. We will use this in multi-step word problems. After this we will work on 6, 7, and 9 times tables; multiply and divide by 10, 100, 1000; multiply 3 numbers; find factor pairs and Year 5s will be finding common factors, prime numbers, square numbers and cube numbers. Finally, we will look at length and perimeter.

Our Topic this term is still World War I. We will have a visit from a World War I re-enactment soldier on 8th November. When we have finished with World War I, we will look at key events in World War II. The children have shown great maturity and thoughtfulness in our topic work.

Other important information:   PE will be on Wednesdays and Fridays so please remember to bring full PE kit.

Homework – Please ensure your children keep reading regularly, I always enjoy hearing about the different books the children are reading at home; also, keep learning the times tables and their related division facts. This year the children will be bringing home a specific Times Table book and games to play at home for their times tables. These are really important and once learnt, really help the children’s understanding in many areas of Maths. All homework will be given out on Wednesday to be handed in on the following Monday.  This is to make sure you have a good time to complete the work whether you find it easier to do so during the week or at the weekend. It is important that the children hand their homework in on time, as I will mark them on Tuesday ready to give them out again on Wednesday. If you have any problems please just let me know.

As well as the reading and times tables, the children will be given a Maths and English based homework each week. Fortnightly, they will bring home the inspiration for their next week’s Big Write in school, where the children get to write creatively using the Grammar and Punctuation they have been learning in class. I would like the children to be able to discuss the picture with as many people as they can to give them really good ideas to write. They do not need to write anything down but it would be good for them to have an idea of how they want to organise their thoughts for the writing. Oak Class will be continuing to work on Forces in Science then move on to Earth and Space.

Many at Parent’s Evening expressed a need to have information on good book choices for your children to read. I found a website that may be of some help https://wherereadingrocks.files.wordpress.com/2017/04/class-novel-books1.pdf

Thank you for all your support.


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