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Spring Term 3 Oak Class newsletter

Happy New Year to you all! We hope you had an enjoyable Christmas and we’re all ready for the term ahead.

In English we will be writing poetry with personification and rainforest poetry looking at the sounds and animals in the rain forest. We will write non-chronological reports based on the animals of the rainforest and debate the issues of deforestation. Our Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation work will concentrate on prepositions, determiners, identifying tenses and third and first person. We will revise using the apostrophe for omission, like can’t, won’t and possession e.g.Bob’s pencil case

In maths please keep making sure the children know their times tables. Any extra help from home with this would be great as all Year 4s are expected to know all tables to 12x12 by the end of year 4. We will look at the 11 and 12 times table and solve problems relating to these. We will multiply three 1 digit numbers understanding the commutative law. Recognise and use factor pairs and use formal written methods to multiply and divide 2 and 3 digit numbers by 1 digit. We will find the area of shapes and in the last week we will begin work on fractions that will take us into next term.

Our new topic is The Rainforest. The children are all very excited about this interesting and colourful topic. We will discover where the different Rainforests are and plot them on a map of the world, looking at the significance of the equator and climate around the world. We will look at the layers of the rainforest and the animals and plants within it. We will look at the people who live in the rainforests and the effects of deforestation.

Other important information:   PE will be on Mondays and Wednesdays so please remember to bring full PE kit, we will be doing PE even if it is light rain so it would be advisable for your child to have a waterproof in school with them.

Homework – Please ensure your children keep reading regularly, keep learning the times tables and their related division facts. These are really important and once learnt, really help the children’s understanding in many areas of Maths. The grid homework will continues with a new grid for this half term.This needs to be handed in on a Tuesday and they will get Maths homework on Monday to be handed in on Friday.

Sadly Homewood have withdrawn the Chinese lessons as they need all staff in school as they are now teaching the subject to their Year 7. I am working hard to replace them with a Hanban teacher from other schools locally who learn Mandarin. This has been very disappointing for all of us and I hope to have some good news soon.

Thank you for all your support.

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