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Summer Term 5 Elm Class newsletter

Literacy: This term we are looking at traditional fairy tales and completing different genres of writing based on our fairy tales. At the end of the term, we will be looking at rhymes and riddles and creating our own own.

As well as this, in SPAG we will be revising all of the skills we have learnt and especially focusing on our sentence language and structures. We will be ticking off a checklist when we do a long piece of writing to make sure we are using all of the skills we know.

Maths: Currently we are revising the calculations that we have looked at so far this year and the strategies in which we use to work them out. We have been looking at the value of our numbers and adding them together using manipulatives. Towards the end of the term we will be looking at measures including weight!

Topic: Our topic this term is The Great Plague! We will be comparing London to how it is today. We will also be looking at what caused the plague. This will lead into our topic next term.

Science: This term we have been looking at Animals including Humans and will be studying lifecycles! We are moving through to look at what we need to survive and then looking at what we need to keep us healthy and how we can do this effectively.

P.E: This will continue to be on Wednesday and Thursdays. I hope that we will see some lovely weather so we can do some sport games in preparation for sports day at the beginning of next term!

SATs: As per our meeting we held last term, you will know that during May the SATs will be given to the children. We will be doing this in a manner in which won’t be overloading for the children nor will they know that the assessments are any different to the termly ones we have got used to over the year. Please support your children by making sure they have breakfast, make sure they have early nights and have lots of fun with them at home!

P.E: P.E. is still on a Wednesday with Mr Carpenter and a Thursday with Miss Reed. We will be outside a lot now the weather is changing so please make sure they have warm P.E. kit and outdoor shoes. Any earrings need to be taped up on the day of P.E. please.

Please make sure children bring in a water bottle to class – we don’t have enough cups for them all and it gets very hot in school during the summer. Also please send your children with hats and sun cream!

Dates for your information (letters with more information will follow):

Monday 21st May – St Ronan’s trip

Friday 20th May – Forest School

Friday 8th June – Class Assembly

Thursday 21st June – Outdoor learning day at Benenden Girls School

Friday 15th June – Forest School

Thank you for your continued support, please come and see me if you have any problems or questions.

Thank you,

Miss Reed (Class Teacher) and Mrs Gregory (Class TA)


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