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Summer Term 5 Elm Class newsletter

Literacy: This term we are trying to bring together everything we have learnt and write in many different styles. This will be based around a Literacy topic of Fairy Tales. We will be writing stories, newspaper reports, letters and many more.

Alongside these sessions, we will be revising our SPAG and we will continue our focus on spelling. We will have a test every Friday and I have now split the class into 2 groups. They will be sent home with a handwriting sheet to practice these on.

Maths: We are going to revising over all the areas in Maths, especially those pesky 4 calculations: + - x and ÷. It will really help your children if at home you could get them to practice these – even one a night!

We will continue with our times tables – I am so pleased with how well they are learning them! Our ordering will be: 5x, 10x, 2x, 3x, 4x then a mix of them all. We will continue to test each Friday and as before, once your child has got 10/10 for 2 weeks running we will move them onto the next one. You can get your children to practice them in unusual ways, such as counting as they got up the stairs, getting them to count their peas in groups, lining their cars/teddies up – don’t be scared to be inventive!

Topic: Our topic this term is the Great Plague!! We will be looking at what life was like in London, how it started, how and why it spread and the damage it caused. Many villages have some link to the plague, they might have burials from this, you might be able to find buildings dating back to these dates or you might be able to find the registers of deaths at the time – this would be a lovely things to help your child to find out and bring into school!

This will link into our topic for next term! I wonder if you can guess what it is…

RE: Our RE this term will focus on Hinduism. Children are looking at an alternative faith and how they celebrate their religion compared to Christianity. 

Science: In science this term we will look at Animals including humans. This looks at life cycles, healthy living and food.

Other Subjects:

P.E. this term is on a Wednesday and Friday – please make sure children have their kits in for these days!

You may have noticed some new arrangements for teaching in the afternoons whilst I am at Forest School – Mrs Hutchings will be with them on a Tuesday afternoon and Mrs Maskell on a Friday afternoon.

Please could you ensure children bring in their reading books everyday as we have volunteer readers in regularly and this is a great opportunity for your children to read, however this is hard without their books!

 SATS – These will begin bank holiday week and right through May – please  make sure they are doing some really fun things at home!! But also make sure they are having a good amount of sleep and a yummy breakfast in the morning. We will not be mentioning these as anything special (they will know them as our usual tests we do) so please support us in this and keep the pressure to a minimum.

Thank you for your continued support,

Miss Reed (Class Teacher) and Mrs Tompsett (Class TA)





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