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Barnowls' intended learning; week 4...

Class R Barnowls
For week beginning: 27th January 2020
Week Four...

Congratulations to Florence Lau, our Star of the Week this week, also Ivy, who won our raffle ticket prize of a book token from the PTA for achievement. Our Space topic has literally taken off. We are busy researching lots of Space facts. Thank you to everyone who has taken time to go to the library or sent in Space stories and information books. The children's fascination with all things galactic is really exciting. We are writing our own Space fact book this week and including the childrens' favourite nuggets of information. Don't forget it's the Christingle church service on Friday at 2.45, Barnowls will be picked up from inside the church. Any children bound for after school club on Friday will be escorted back by Mrs T. On the PE front, Mrs Mileham has asked if everyone can have shorts for gymnastics rather than leggings or trackybots please. Whilst on this subject, can the children please have their easiest clothes to wear on PE day which alternates between Thursday or Friday (its Thursday this week). Lots of buttons, super tight socks or lace up shoes stop the children from being as independent as possible. We are also having a real blitz on doing up your own coat so any practice here would be very welcome. We are building space stations and moon buggies in junk modelling so any junk, shiny paper etc would be most welcome. Thank you!

Literacy, Language and Communication

More children have begun their exciting journey along the road to being independent readers this week. Thank you for the reading and encouragement they receive at home, every bedtime story is another beautiful imaginative opportunity stored away for another day! Our focus book in Monster Phonics is The Little Red Hen, we will be sequencing the story this week and thinking about the beginning, middle and end of a story. 


In Power Maths this week we will be concentrating on the different ways of making 9 and 10 and how to represent them using objects, counters and pictures. Check out the Barnowl blog on the new school website which showcases some of our achievements last week.

Physical Development

We will continue to encourage the children to develop their fine and gross motor control. Learning takes place as always in the indoor and outdoor environment, ensuring that the children have a range of resources designed to refine and strengthen muscles. Mrs Mileham will be teaching Gymnastics to Barn Owls this term and Mrs Toynbee will be consolidating those skills on Friday PE sessions. Mrs Mileham has asked that children all have shorts and teeshirts in school rather than  leggings which can hamper movement. 

Creative Development

Our art and DT will be space themed this term, using the knowledge we have picked up from learning how to mix hot and cold colours to paint, print and collage the universe and mix colours to display the planets and stars, we are hoping for a very twinkly display... We will also be using resources and experiences from Forest School to make seasonal art; 'snowmen', ice sculptures and winter landscapes, more of which later...

Understanding of the World

This week sees the celebrations for Chinese New Year  begin. It is the Year of the Rat in 2020, the children will hear the story behind the Chinese zodiac and enjoy some Chinese treats, especially the Hong Bao tradition of red envelopes, look it up, what fun! We hope to repeat the fun of The Chinese Restaurant this year too, much sticky chop stick action ensued....