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This week's learning, week 3

Class R Barnowls
For week beginning: 19th January 2020
Week Three

The pace continues to pick up in Barn Owls.  We are learning about Space this half term and the children are very engaged with their new topic. If you have any books they would like to share or have taken out of the library, do bring them in, any pictures from the internet would be lovely. We have had some excellent space story books shared as well, thank you for the support! Our focus story for the next two weeks is 'The Little Red Hen' and we will be writing and drawing captions to match the pictues and sequencing the pictures which accompany the story.

Literacy, Language and Communication

We have been amazed by the confidence of our young readers and writers this week. We are beginning to write labels and captions for our models, we have had some stories written to share and cards too. We are continuing to consolidate all the initial sounds using our Monster Phonics scheme and beginning to sound out simple two and three letter words. This week we shall be labelling the planets in our Solar System and using the reference books and Internet to learn a little about each planet. Don't forget to read through your reading books several times to help build up a 'sight vocabulary', building a store of recognised words to speed up reading. 


Our maths scheme has now changed to Power Maths, the new learning will begin this term. Our topic this week is ways of making 9 and 10 by splitting the whole sets to make 3+7, 4+6, 5+5 etc. The children will be using lots of practical opportunities and objects to find pairs of these numbers and begin to record their findings. You can support your child at home by making groups in different ways, perhaps using small toys, sweets (!) or lego bricks etc.

Physical Development

We will continue to encourage the children to develop their fine and gross motor control. Learning takes place as always in the indoor and outdoor environment, ensuring that the children have a range of resources designed to refine and strengthen muscles. Mrs Mileham will be teaching Gymnastics to Barn Owls this term and Mrs Toynbee will be consolidating those skills on Friday PE sessions. Mrs Mileham has asked that children all have shorts and teeshirts in school rather than  leggings which can hamper movement. Thank you so much for your very generous sponsoring for last week's Danceathon. Mrs Plewes reports that we have earned over£500 which is an amazing total !

Creative Development

Our art and DT will be space themed this term, using the knowledge we have picked up from learning how to mix hot and cold colours to paint, print and collage the universe and mix colours to display the planets and stars, we are hoping for a very twinkly display... We will also be using resources and experiences from Forest School to make seasonal art; 'snowmen', ice sculptures and winter landscapes, more of which later...