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This week's learning

Class R Barnowls
For week beginning: 6th January 2020
Welcome back!

A very happy and peaceful new year to you all, we do hope you have had a lovely family time together. Welcome back to a very busy term, our intended learning topic this term is Space and we will be learning about our tiny corner of the universe and the planets in it (with the odd alien thrown in just for fun!) Don't forget Forest School starts again this Wednesday, children may come to school in their warm clothing. You may want to put an old coat on that day and ensure they have suitable gloves and hat with them. We will of course provide waterproof overalls as usual...what fun! Our 'Meet the Teacher' session is Thursday 9th January after school, provision has been made to supervise our lovelis outside while this is going on!. Can every one please check that their child's book folder with the plastic wallet and yellow reading record book is in school every day, we have had a few occasions when reading books are sopping wet as the book folder has been put down on the playground, the blue book folders are sadly NOT waterproof!

We have four pupils in school who have a nut allergy, two serious enough to need an Epi-pen. In light of this and because we do not want to put these pupils at risk, we are asking parents to ensure that packed lunches, snacks and treats brought from home do not contain nuts in any form. This includes peanut butter sandwiches, cereal bars containing nuts, cakes or snack packs with nuts. Any queries, please speak to the school office. Thank you for your co-operation in this matter.

Attendance... the class has not yet won the attendance star, achieved by being the class with the best attendance. Please can we all make an effort next week to gain it? We understand there are times when coming to school is just not possible, but we'd love to have that star on our door!!

Literacy, Language and Communication

The children continue to consolidate their knowledge of initial sounds using our fabulous Monster Phonics scheme. You can support your child by ensuring that they have learned the sounds on the Christmas stocking sheet which they brought home over the holiday to help their recognition. We shall do daily practice to help consolidate these sounds and learn the correct letter formation. The children are using these sounds now to caption their pictures by 'Fredding' them out as explained in our drop-in phonics workshop, increasingly becoming able to write 2 and 3 letter words independently. Library day will still be Friday, please ensure your child pops their book into the plastic wallet in their blue book bag if they want to change it.


Our maths scheme has now changed to Power Maths, the new learning will begin this week. Our topic this week is ways of making 5 by splitting the whole set of 5 to make 2+3, 4+1 etc. The children will be using lots of practical opportunities and objects to find pairs of 5 and begin to record their findings. You can support your child at home by making groups of five in different ways.

Physical Development

We will continue to encourage the children to develop their fine and gross motor control. Learning takes place as always in the indoor and outdoor environment, ensuring that the children have a range of resources designed to refine and strengthen muscles. Mrs Mileham will be teaching Gymnastics to Barn Owls this term and Mrs Toynbee will be consolidating those skills on Friday PE sessions, please check your child's PE kit is in school asap, thank you!

Creative Development

Our art and DT will be space themed this term, using the knowledge we have picked up from learning how to mix hot and cold colours to paint, print and collage the universe and mix colours to display the planets and stars, we are hoping for a very twinkly display... We will also be using resources and experiences from Forest School to make seasonal art; 'snowmen', ice sculptures and winter landscapes, more of which later...