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This week's learning 2 March 2020

Class R Barnowls
For week beginning: 2nd March 2020
Welcome back!

Well done to Daniel Crossley, our Star of the Week... Our first week back has simply flown by!  So many lovely fun activities to enjoy. Many thanks to everyone who helped make it such fun and an especial thanks to you at home for organising costumes, collecting change and supporting your child so enthusiastically. Pancake Day was lots of fun, we celebrated in style, check out the photos on our blog!

Maths Day on Thursday was a really enjoyable occasion, thanks to all the amazing activities which Miss O'Hara and Miss Jackson arranged for us. We were spotting aliens all day and had a lot of number fun along the way. Barn owls learned about 2d shapes, drawing their own shape aliens and printing 2d shape alien headgear to join in the fun. We especially loved telling the rest of the school in assembly what we had been doing and showing off our work. 

On Friday school had a Carribean theme. We welcomed our friends Junior and Marcella from Irie steel pan workshops who kindly taught us all about Jamaican culture and music and allowed us to have a go on their marvellous steel pan drums. They played our favourite songs which we all joined in with and then played some great tunes to dance to.

This week is equally busy.  Don't forget to return your form for Parent Consultations as soon as possible to get your preferred time. Thursday is World Book day. There will be an Usborne Book Sale after school in the hall where your children can spend their world book day voucher. Children may attend school on Thursday either dressed as their favourite book character or in pyjamas ready for a bedtime story! We are enjoying 'The day the Crayons Quit' and 'The Tin Forest', do bring your favourite stories in to share too!


We have four pupils in school who have a nut allergy, two serious enough to need an Epi-pen. In light of this and because we do not want to put these pupils at risk, we are asking parents to ensure that packed lunches, snacks and treats brought from home do not contain nuts in any form. This includes peanut butter sandwiches, cereal bars containing nuts, cakes or snack packs with nuts. Any queries, please speak to the school office. Thank you for your co-operation in this matter.

Attendance... the class has not yet won the attendance star, achieved by being the class with the best attendance. Please can we all make an effort next week to gain it? We understand there are times when coming to school is just not possible, but we'd love to have that star on our door!!

Literacy, Language and Communication

Our topic this term is 'Castles, Knights and Princesses' lots of castle themed storytimes are planned, do send in any favourites form your own bookshelves or the library, we looove new stories! The 'office' has seen lots of storywriting action, everyone is enjoying writing stories for us to read aloud, do send in any writing from home too! New and improved reading scheme resources means that lots of Monster Phonics reading books will now be coming home in book bags, please do read and reread as many times to encourage our readers to pick up a sight vocabulary of known words. The Monster Phonics books have a line of big words for the children to read on each page with several lines of story for the parent/carer to read underneath to enhance the shared experience. Any questions about these new texts, do please drop in.


We continue to enjoy using our Power Maths scheme. The learning will be based around 2d shapes this week to consolidate the learning objectives from Alien Space Maths day on Thursday. You can help support this at home by revisiting the names of shapes eg oblong, square etc and counting sides, corners, spotting shapes in the environment. We are also continuing to add numbers up to 10 using our fingers, objects, toys etc to reinforce number facts if you have some time to enjoys maths together.

Physical Development

Physical development will continue with Mrs Toynbee this Friday so may we have PE kits in asap please, also trainers if your child likes to have them at school for the mile run etc. The theme will be 'hockey and ball skills' hopefully we will be able to utilise the hard surface outside as the weather improves... Fine motor skills activities have really improved our hand eye co ordination and most children now have a correct pencil grip and are able to use scissors efficiently. We will continue to use bean bags and small balls to encourage grip and tracking skills, you can support this at home by throwing and catching games or bat and ball activities indoors or out!

Creative Development

Our art and DT are based around castles and storytelling this term. Thank you for all the wonderful  good quality junk which you have been collecting for us, we are loving making our incredible inventions. Junk modelling activities will be castle themed, with working drawbridges and opening doors...lots of junk modelling resources needed please. Also any helmets, princess paraphernalia or general dressing up costumes would be lovely to support our storytelling. 

Understanding of the World.

We are using Non Fiction books to find out about Knights and Castles this week. We will also be using the internet to answer the questions which we would like to answer about castles and castle life. if you have any finding out books about castles do send them in! we will be doing our best to do some castle building indoors so we will let you know if we succeed!